Break Your Fear!

A lot of people give up on 3D modeling and printing before they even start - because they tell themselves they’re not tech savvy.  And the thing is, most people are far more “tech savvy” than they even realize!  The majority of people I know who say things like this are also people who consistently use cell phones, computers, microwaves, televisions, drive cars, vending machines, essentially all various types of day to day machinery.  If you can use a cell phone, even if you don’t use ALL of the functions and capabilities it offers, why wouldn’t you be able to learn how to use a 3D printer or learn how to 3D model?  Why quit before you’ve even started?

I do think part of this comes down to the instruction style, however.  In large classrooms where learning styles and levels can often vary, those in the minority often feel left behind and become discouraged.  Also, a lot of the softwares can look extremely intimidating at first glance - all those icons and options.  I felt the same thing when I first wanted to get into 3D modeling.  However, I decided to learn on Onshape, which was extremely beginner friendly, and I was lucky enough to have a co worker and good friend walk me through the basics.  Once I had that, I hit the ground running.

It also surprised me how little of the software I actually needed to know to make SO many of my various ideas.  Within the first month of learning, I was creating all kinds of realistic looking, miniature instruments within 15 minutes.  And I realized I was using only a fraction of what the software had to offer.  It’s the same as using your phone effectively every day, despite not going through EVERY app and function of it.  You use the software for YOUR needs, and once you have an idea that is beyond your current skillset, you can either just practice or hop into a lesson with Angieneering Academy.  There is no better place to get started, and keep going - with whatever goals you have.

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