Children And STEAM

Children And STEAM

Schools all across the country are pushing harder and harder for STEAM integration - and for good reason.  Being exposed to these fields and skills can change the ENTIRE course of someone’s life!  Do you remember seeing or doing something for the first time and realizing you wanted to do it for the rest of your life?  

What I love about 3D modeling and printing in particular is that it can connect to almost any other interest a child has.  And, it’s a really nice way to sneak in some of the other school subjects that children act almost allergic to!  I work in education, so I see how many students lament having to go to math class or learn any type of mathematics.  A common complaint they make is that they don’t use these skills in real life.  But guess what gets them motivated to learn at least some of the skills?  When it comes to things they’re interested in - like using money, making trades with friends, or when they have a cool project idea and need to know proportions or measuring to make it.  

When I was an elementary school art teacher, I found that kids who normally would need to be dragged for hours just to write a sentence were inspired to make written stories to accompany their drawings.  Or when they learned that they can make boxes and buildings out of paper, they were suddenly interested in learning how to use a ruler - something their classroom teachers would have to practically pull out their teeth to get them to do.  Once there’s a way to actually apply the skill somewhere, they get REALLY motivated to learn.

If only you could see the magic I’ve seen in a child’s eyes the first time they see a 3D printer.

And when they also learn that THEY can make their OWN ideas too?  They can 3D model something and the printer will make it for them?  They can design their own toys, or make figurines of their favorite characters?  They can make their own jewelry, pins, accessories?  They can make things to organize their supplies and creations?  They can make and make and make and make?  Just like the magic of the printer, they magically start caring about how to make things to scale.  

If your school doesn’t currently offer 3D modeling and printing, or if you want to supplement what your children are getting at school, sign up for Angieneering Academy!  You never know where 3D modeling can take you, and we’re here to help you find out.

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